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Modern dance inspired by science

There's a couple of very cool things going on with this dance routine. First off, it's based on the principles of fluid dynamics—physical laws that predict the movement of liquids and gases…


CUDA and...Dance!

We recently came across a video on YouTube that listed "CUDA" as a keyword but is, well, different than videos usually associated with parallel computing…


Beautiful fluid mechanics dance

A beautiful performance in which a dancer is tracked by a camera/software and influences virtual fluids projected behind her. Very original, one of a kind I'd say…

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Who we are

Andrew Moffat

Andrew is an artist, software engineer, and the author of Coda, FCD’s real-time dance performance software. Based out of Seattle, he collaborates with movers to create interactive performance art.

When he's not writing new code for FCD, he can be found developing open-source software used by companies around the world.  Follow him @theambrosebell

Hope Goldman

Hope Goldman is a choreographer, performing artist, and teacher. Nationally, her work has been seen at Velocity Dance Center and On the Boards in Seattle, Chez Bushwick and The Tank in New York, Visual Art Exchange in Greensboro, NC, and Contemporary Dance Theater in Cincinnati, OH, among others. In 2015, her solo, Pussy Willow, was named Chicago NewCity’s Best New Dance Performance, as well as, one of the Top 5 Emerging Dancer Performances.

Hope holds a BFA in dance from the University of South Florida and an MFA in dance from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Follow her @hopesicle

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